With classes ranging from rumba to swing to country western, Off And Dancing, the instructional dance studio located at 110 Thompson Street, just west of the railroad tracks in downtown Ashland, will get you in the groove.

“Dance is so many things to so many people,” said Brian Westerlund, Off And Dancing’s owner and lead instructor. “It’s the activity, it’s the fun, it’s the stress relief, it’s the ability to socialize with other people that have a similar interest.”

Classes at Off And Dancing is provided by world class instructors. At first glance, Brian looks more suited for a football field than a dance studio, but once his feet get moving it’s easy to see how he has accumulated all the awards and plaques adorning the walls of the studio.

Have no fear, Off And Dancing offers classes in all styles at every skill level!

“We’ve got folks who use their dance lessons as a date night, and I think that’s one of the coolest things ever,” Brian said. “They schedule their appointment and they know that every week at a certain time they’re going to have a date with their significant other.”

Off And Dancing also offers lessons to help couples prepare for their first wedding dance. Creating the perfect wedding routine, from a traditional swaying dance to a mashup of different styles, doesn’t just happen. It takes practice and preparation, which Off And Dancing takes pride in providing. Brian also offers DJ and lighting services for the big day.

Brian would love to see more folks drive into Ashland for lessons, mentioning that in the time it takes to wade through Short Pump traffic one can drive from Richmond to Ashland, where it’s more quaint, friendly, and away from the hustle and bustle.

“Once they’re here they bring their appetite,” Brian adds. “And I send them across the street to The Iron Horse or Ashland Coffee & Tea. To me, it’s a win-win.”

So whether you’re a “from here” or a “come here”, shimmy on down to Off And Dancing, and we’re betting you’ll become a regular here.