Untold Stories: Growing Up in Ashland/Hanover: Black and White Experiences

Sunday, February 17 at 4pm in Ashland Theatre, hear neighbors speak about their own personal experiences with race, family, segregation, and local history.

Storytellers will be Carlene Bass, Elmo Cross, George Gray, James Harris, Camilla Quash Heath and Anne
Nelson Morck. Anthony Keitt will be the MC, and Jamelle Wilson will be the closing speaker. This is the
sixth installment of the program of stories about growing up in Ashland and Hanover County during
the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. It is sponsored jointly by The Center, The Hanover County Black Heritage
Society, Ashland Museum and Ashland Main Street Association.

Hosted by Ashland Main Street Association, Ashland Museum, and Hanover County Black Heritage Society. Free and open to the public.