Town of Ashland Branding Refresh

Ashland Main Street Association encourages all Ashland businesses and marketing professionals to comment on the branding package presented in the video below. Comments will be forwarded directly to the Town of Ashland. Town Council will utilize feedback to make decisions on the creative direction for branding and on Town marketing investments.

Background Info: The Town of Ashland contracted VCU Brand Center to refresh our Town brand with the intent of creating a product that can be used by businesses, organizations, and individuals to represent Ashland. The VCU team produced 1. a branding package, and 2. a suggested marketing campaign for the Town. The Town is currently seeking comments from stakeholders.

Please watch the VCU team’s presentation in the first 15 minutes of the video, and provide

1. Any and all feedback on the brand refresh, and

2. Any and all feedback on the marketing campaign.

Deadline: February 8, 2019.

Comment Form

Town of Ashland Brand Refresh Comment Form

Here are some points of consideration for your comments…

Brand Refresh Marketing Campaign
Audience Primarily internal (i.e., like our strategic brand platform, it should be a good representation of us). External. This particular campaign is focused on 30-45 year olds.  We are trying to convince these folks to visit Ashland by differentiating ourselves from every other small town.
Duration Ideally it would be permanent, but should at least last 20-30 years. Could last anywhere from 1-5 years. Could also be coupled with other campaigns to attract different demographics.
Use Nice aesthetic for simple things like letterhead, or more complex things like advertising businesses with catchy phrases or use with Center of the Universe. Marketing. Catching attention by sorting through the noise of all the other places advertising for visits.
Center of the Universe Design should easily incorporate our tag line. Campaigns can cleverly reference the tag line, or not.
Instructions given to VCU Use the strategic brand platform and visualize. Something creative that balances Ashland as a quaint, friendly, historic small town that is also cool, quirky and firmly looking to the future. Audience would be 30-45 year olds.