Cosplay 101

Ages 18 & up.  Interested in learning more about cosplay? Have you always wanted to go to a convention but you're not sure what to do? Answers to these questions and more will be discussed at Cosplay 101. Learn costuming tips, the best strategies for getting the most out of a convention or event, and [...]

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Solo Travel for Women

Ages 18 & up. Want to travel on your own?  We'll explore planning a solo travel experience (domestic and international), with an emphasis on personal safety.  Get tips and insights from someone who's been there!

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Let’s Build Jellybean Structures

Ages 3-10. Bring your creativity! We’ll use toothpicks and jellybeans to make geometric shapes and architectural designs. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Ashland Library.

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Pasta Swaps!

Ages 18 & up. Learn how to swap out regular pasta with healthy, tasty alternatives at this fun cooking demo!  Recipes and samples provided.

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Genre Fiction Book Club

The worlds of science fiction, fantasy and horror collide! This book club will help you connect with other fans, discuss what you’ve read lately, and help you discover new favorites.

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Pets Galore!

All ages. Mark Maphis and staff from Fin & Feather will discuss pets, caring for them, and the joy they can bring you. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Ashland Library.

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Must Love Words

Writers, are you looking for inspiration?  Need readers with a discerning eye?  Join us for constructive feedback and discussion about the craft of writing on the second Tuesday of this month.  Due to group resources email and word processing are used to communicate outside of meetings.  Access to email and familiarity with word processing is preferred.

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