Archives of Previous Issues

Nov 2018
Oct 2018 Featured Business: Family Dental Group
Sept 2018 Featured Business:
August 2018 Featured Artist:  Thrill of the Hunt Featured Artist:  Chris Holloway
July 2018 Featured Artist:  Jerry Peart  Featured Business: Gotta Have It Gifts
June 2018 Featured Business: Ashland Meat Company
May 2018 Special Edition: Get Centered for the Holiday Weekend
May 2018 Herald Progress archives find a new home
April 2018 Featured Artist:  Jeremy Witt
March 2018 Featured Artist:  Dan Bartges  Featured Business:  Ashland Food Mart
February 2018 Featured Artist:  Brian K. Westerlund and Off And Dancing!  Featured Business:  Keys & Associates
January 2018 Featured Artist:  Kerry Lucinda Brown  Featured Business:  Henry Clay Inn
December 2017 Featured Artist:  William Harrison  Featured Business:  Trackside Grill
November 2017 Featured Artist:  Vicky Bickel  Featured Business: England Street Tavern
October 2017 Featured Artist:  Jennifer Young  Featured Business:  CapCenter
September 2017  Featured Artist:  Piano Works Studios  Featured Business:  Jezebel’s Boutique
August 2017 Featured Business:  Fin & Feather Pet Center
Special Edition July 18, 2017 Weekly Call to Action – Stop the Third Track
July/August 2017 Featured Artist:  The COTU Marching Band
June/July 2017 Featured Artist: The Center Players in “Shrek the Musical” Featured Business:  Sports Page Bar & Grill
May/June 2017 Featured Artist:  Bluemont Artist In Education Program  Featured Business:  Pepicelli’s Pizza
April/May 2017 Featured Artist:  Bubba Johnson, Director of the Community Gospel Choir Featured Business:  Sugar Fix Bakery & Ashland Easter  Bunny Event
March/April 2017 Featured Organization & Artists:  Untold Stories Committee & Ashland Community Gospel Choir
February/March 2017 Featured Business & Artist:  Origin Beer Lab GRAND OPENING
Janurary/February 2017  Featured Business:  The Mainline @ Ashland Coffee & Tea
December 2016/January 2017  Featured Businesses & Artists:  Kiddie Kingdom, ReFunkIt
November/December 2016 Featured Businesses: Train Day Sponsors Featured Artist:  Ed Trask – Mural Artist for Art McKinney Legacy
October/November 2016 Featured Business:  Origin (COTU Brewing Co. Downtown Location) Featured Artist: Chalk Walk Artists Karen Fetty & her granddaughter
September/October 2016 Featured Business & Artists:  Cate Hawks and The Newfound Gathering Place & Eatery
August/September 2016 Featured Business & Culinary Artists Vernell Lewis and Rosalind Tolson of Homemades by Suzanne
July/August 2016 Featured Business:  Iron Horse Restaurant  Featured Artist:  Ashland Garden Club
Special Edition July 4, 2016:  Celebrate at the Center
June/July 2016 Featured Business:  Union Bank & Trust  Featured Artist: Bob Brown, Artist, Architect & Town Planner
May/June 2016 Featured Business:  Heavenly Clips  Featured Artist:  Author Randy Wright
April/May 2016 Featured Business:  Luck Chevrolet 100 Years Old  Featured Artist: Dr. James Doering R-MC
March 30, 2016 Special Edition Spring Special Events
March/April 2016 Featured Business & Artist:  Cate Hawks and Newfound Gathering Place and MARKETeas
February/March 2016 Featured Business & Artists :  Gallery Flux and Participating Artists in After Rodin Exhibit
January/February 2016 Featured Business & Artist:  Jake’s Place Restaurant and Market
December 2015-January 2016 Featured Artists:  Ornament Creators for Team LUTT;  Featured Business:  Sweet Frog Center of the Universe
November/December 2015 Featured Artists:  Team LUTT;  Featured Business:  Hickory Creek Antiques
October/November 2015 Featured Artist & Business:  Phyllis Theroux; The Writers Cottage
September/October 2015  Featured Artist: Jenn Inge & Jeremy Luther Culinary Artists; Featured Business:  Bell, Book & Candle
August/September 2015  Featured Artist: Allie Wong, Cookie Designer  Featured Business:  Alvaro Coronado Flight Simulator
July/August 2015  Featured Artist:  Karen Altman, Music Composer  Featured Business:  Sugar Fix Bakery
June/July 2015  Featured Artists:  The Center Players, Seniors in Bye Bye Birdie;  Featured Business:  Diane Hale School of Dance
May/June 2015  Featured Artist:  Nancy Cozart and Chalk Walk Artists;  Featured Business:  Mr. John’s Emporium
April/May 2015  Featured Artist:  Dennis Winston; Woodblock Artist;  Featured Businesses:  Coventry Farm & Changing Reins
March/April 2015  Featured Artist:  Fred Horn, Music Director AMVA;   Featured Business:  Tinder Guest House 
February/March 2015  Featured Artist:  George Garrett, Furniture Designer;  Featured Business:  The Henry Clay Inn
January/February 2015 Featured Artist:  David Camden, potter; Featured Business:  Jake’s Place
December 2014-January 2015  Featured Artists:  R-MC Drama Dept; Featured Business:  Salon Valentino
November/December  2014  Featured Artist: Samuel Aaron Talley, Music Composer; Featured Business:  Pepicelli’s Pizza
October/November 2014 Featured Artist:  Melody Titus, potter; Featured Business:  Bidsmith Auctions
Post Train Day Edition
Special Train Day Edition
September/October 2014  Featured Artists & Business:  Michael & Frances Smith, Dancers at Off And Dancing! Studio
August/September 2014 Featured Artist:  Arthur Brill, set designer; Featured Business:  Caboose Wine & Cheese
July/August 2014 Featured Artist: Lorie Foley, theater director; Featured Business: Chiffarobe Fine Antiques & Gifts
Special Edition July 4, 2014
June/July 2014 Featured Artist:  Tommy Thomasson, sculptor; Featured Business: Tiny Tim’s Toys
May/June 2014 Featured Artist:  Carson McNamara, illustrator; Featured Business:  Recycling Perks
Chalk Walk April 17, 2014
April/May 2014 Featured Artist:  Joe Mattys, R-MC Theater Director; Featured Business:  R-MC Friendly Businesses that offer discounts
March/April 2014 Featured Artist & Business:  Thomas Wakefield of the Ashland Music Academy
February/March 2014 Featured Artist:  Clifford Earl, painter/sculptor; Featured Business: Ashland Coffee & Tea
January/February2014 Featured Artist:  Alice Alexander, town seal and mural designer; Featured Business: Home Energy Store
December/January 2014 Featured Artist: Jeremy Witt, photographer; Featured Business: Henry Clay Inn
November/December 2013 Featured Artist: Gary Henley, chalk walk painter; Featured Business: Breneman & Braggs
Post Train Day Issue 11/7/13
Special Edition Issue 10/30/13
October/November 2013  Featured Artists:  Chuck Burnette and Beth Royal of Stone’s Throw Studio Featured Businesses:  Vogue Flowers & b.whimsy
September/October 2013 Featured Artist:  Pat Morris, jewelry designer; Featured Business:  Off And Dancing!
August/September 2013 Featured Artists and Business:  Waves Hair Studio Stylists Stacey Cole and Shante Lee
Special Edition July 4th
July/August 2013 Issue Featured Artist:  Susannah Wagner, jewelry designer and painter; Featured Business:  Olde Town Bicycles
Special Edition Issue 6-7-13
June/July 2013 Issue Featured Artist:  Jodie Brill  Featured Business: InnerFitness
Special Edition Issue 5-6-13
May/June 2013 Issue Featured Artist:  Louise Keeton, actress and Whistle Stop Theater Director; Featured Businesses:  Thrill of the Hunt, refunkit
Special Edition Issue 4-25-13
April/May 2013 Issue Featured Artist: Alvaro Coronado, jewelry designer; Featured Business:  Herald Progress & Companion Extraordinaire
March/April 2013 Issue Featured Artist:  Tayloe Moore, painter;  Featured Business:  Piano Works Studios