Fin & Feather Pet Center of Ashland

Lauren Estell (left) is a rising Junior at R-MC. Mark Maphis (right) hires locally and trains his staff thoroughly on all the products he carries at Fin & Feather.

Mark Maphis and his staff at Fin & Feather Pet Center pride themselves on personal service.  “We do the homework for our customers, which takes the guesswork out of choosing pet food.  We only offer products that we would use for our own pets,” says Mark.

It’s that personal service that brings back loyal customers.  Mark hires locally and trains his staff thoroughly.  Mark has a good relationship with Hanover County Public Schools, and often hires teens in the school system.  He currently has 8 employees on staff–all ages and all walks of life.

“Fin & Feather Pet Center of Ashland is an Ashland institution,” says local Ashlander Kathy Abbott.   Mark knows the importance of being community-oriented.  This year, Mark and his staff sponsored a Pet Pageant and Kissing Booth at the Ashland Strawberry Faire.   Faire attendees were treated to free goodies and Pet Pageant winners were given a generous gift bag full of canine food and treats.  All proceeds from the Kissing Booth went to the Hanover Humane Society.

If you haven’t checked out Fin & Feather lately, come on in!  Mark and his staff are ready to answer your questions about pet food and pet health, and they regularly offer coupons on the Fin & Feather website, as well as Valpac coupons through the mail.  Mark and his staff are dedicated to keeping your pets happy, healthy, and long-lived.  If you are a doting pet owner, this is the store for you!