May 2016
Randy Wright, M.Ed., has been a civics teacher at Liberty Middle School in Hanover County, Virginia for over 25 years.  He has been selected by the students as an “Honored Educator”, received an R.E.B. Award for teaching excellence, was selected by Richmond Magazine as one of Richmond’s top teachers and was commended by the Virginia House of Delegates for “creativity, vision and leadership.”
In in 1997, he originated the Liberty Bill which would require an outline of the U.S. Constitution, including the Preamble, the seven Articles, and the 27 Amendments to be superimposed on the back of one-dollar bills.  The Liberty Bill, has been introduced in a number of Congresses and his students testified before the House of Representatives’ subcommittee on its behalf.  Click HERE to read more about The Liberty Bill Act.
the bill
In 2014, he founded Teaching Tours, a nonprofit which provided kids in need with free, educational, small group, teacher-led field trips to the D.C. monuments and a college campus.  Teaching Tours has become part of a larger nonprofit in Richmond, Virginia. (’s not all!  Mr. Wright and is an author and has recently published his book called  ‘I’m Running For President Too’.

Below is the book description:  

“Why is Randy Wright running for President? Simple. He’s got unusual, compelling, better answers to the tough questions Americans are asking of today’s candidates. In his first book as a presidential candidate, Randy Wright, an award-winning teacher and business person, explains why he is running, offers real reforms to the election process, unravels the Second Amendment conundrum, offers overdue Constitutional amendments, and opens a dialogue about diversity.

He also proposes economic, military, transportation, and environmental policies, as well offering his views on education.

Finally, Wright expounds on the Liberty Bill, a bill he wrote for Congress, one in which his students testified before a House subcommittee on the bill’s behalf. The Liberty Bill will fundamentally change America’s standing in the world and will inspire you to call Congress yourself and fight for the cause.

You will laugh, cry, and ultimately ponder as you glide through the comfortable cadence of Wright’s prose.”

As of April 26, 2016 ‘Im Running For President Too’  is available on-line  (Kindle) and has received glowing reviews.  Visit his website  for updates!

Exciting News!  Mr. Wright will be having a book talk at the Ashland Theater  on Friday June 3rd at 7pmto discuss his ideas and welcomes anyone to attend.  We applaud great teachers in Hanover County.  Thank you Mr. Wright for inspiring our students and making teaching an art form!