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Behind the Curtain is hosing Old School table top board games!
Thursday evenings: Role playing in the Shatterworld homebrew fantasy campaign using retro-cloned AD&D 1e rules (1978). Save the world, one good deed at a time.  Wander the endless underground caverns of the Iron Hills. Seek the lost site of the Seven Pools. Learn ancient history from lonely Dwarves, or face off with the Goblin King and his trooping faeries. Limited player spots open but walk-ins and observers welcome. 
Saturday evenings: Role playing with D&D version 5e. Limited player openings.
Private sessions available.

Our Thursday night game is suitable for players 12 and up (Think rating PG13). However, I can custom tailor games to for ages 8 and up.

Email for more information, or call 540-205-5629.