Business Spotlight: Jezebel’s Boutique

When walking or driving through downtown Ashland, one of the shops guaranteed to catch your eye is Jezebel’s Boutique.  Offering unique and eclectic clothing, jewelry and accessories that women travel from all over the metro area to buy.  Jezebel’s has quickly become an Ashland institution in its 9 years of existence.  Shop owner Vicki Hendrick carefully curates a beautiful selection of artsy options for women who want something different but do not want to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Vicki, a resident of nearby Beaverdam for twenty-three years, previously owned a trucking company; a far cry from the retail business for women that she enjoys now. Vicki noticed her original shop on Robinson Street was for rent back in 2007 and the ivy covered building reminded her of something one might see in Italy so she decided to give it a go.  Vicki moved the storefront to its current location at 113 S. Railroad Avenue on the tracks but kept the 107 Robinson Street location and her Jezebel’s Outlet location will open there on September 12, 2017.  All items at the new outlet location will be $39 and under but will feature that same fun bohemian style that Vicki has cultivated.

Vicki enjoys being on the tracks and has noticed that the increase in visibility along with the open door to Sheer Power Salon has brought her customers. She searches the internet and sometimes travels to find the different brands she carries. Her current favorite brand is Kekoo from Germany which offers funky, yet soft clothing. Vicki’s creativity in merchandising and display makes Jezebel’s a fun place to look while you shop. She and a friend built many of the store’s fixtures from found items such as pallets and tree branches from her yard.  Vicki also enjoys taking her stock on the road to different festivals and shows about 4 times a year.  For breezy and comfortable clothing and accessories that get a lady noticed, stop in and see what Vicki has to offer!  Visit Jezebel’s Boutique online or on Facebook, too!