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Executive Director, Ashland Main Street Association

The Lights Are On!

Ashland's signature train mural is visible day and night thanks to many community supporters, including the Town of Ashland, Tribble Electric, Ashland Street Parties, Friends of Art, Dan Bartges, and Hank Lowry. See the results for yourself at 108 South Railroad Avenue.

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Reporting Ashland’s Local News

Meriwether Gilmore brings readers her local Ashland news column via the internet. The column was previously published by the Herald-Progress newspaper, but will now be posted to a free weblog titled The Ashland News. You can find it at www.ashlandnews.blogspot.com.

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Business Spotlight: Ashland Food Mart

Ashland Food Mart opened its doors at 128 Thompson Street in December 2015. Since then, owner Krunal Patel has been hard at work to meet the community’s needs. The convenience store caters to all Ashlanders by carrying a wide range of food, beverages, and everyday essentials. The business thrives on friendly staff and dependable hours. [...]

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