Author Phyllis Theroux & ‘The Writers Cottage’

 October 2015

Writer Phyllis Theroux moved to Ashland from Washington, D. C., in 1989 she was surprised at how at home she felt in Ashland, as if she had lived in a small Southern town all her life. She thinks Ashland is a great place for a writer to live.
“On the surface,”she said, “itʼs not too stimulating, which is good. One isnʼt distracted. But beneath the surface, it seethes with human drama.” Since moving here she has written five books, including a novella, “Giovanniʼs Light,” about a town that got too busy to celebrate Christmas. “I had the idea before I moved to Ashland, but I needed a setting, and Ashland provided it.” Therouxʼs ambition is to see it become a movie. “All I need is for Ron Howard and a truck full of cash to pull into the driveway.”

Another good thing about Ashland is her husband, Ragan Phillips whom she would not have met if she hadnʼt moved here. “He is the best thing that ever happened to me.” They married in 2005. In 2014, they turned a small bungalow rental into a Writerʼs Cottage. Since then, dozens of writers from all across the country have spent time in Ashland, marveling at the charm, the openness, and the way, like Theroux, they felt at home from the moment they arrive.

We are certainly glad Phyllis made the journey to the Center of the Universe.

(Photo Left:  ‘Giovanni’s Light’ – The Story of a Town Where Time Stopped for Christmas is available at Bell, Book & Candle book store located at 106 1/2 Railroad Ave- downtown Ashland);  Photo Below:  The Writer’s Cottage).