Artist Spotlight: Vicky Bickel


Julie and her Dad standing next to the dollhouse that she designed and he built. Julie died unexpectedly before the house was finished.


Vicky Bickel’s Gingerbread House, part of the Dickens Christmas in the Town of Skaneateles, NY

Ashland dollhouse artist Vicky Bickel has always loved tiny things.  Her first dollhouse was in a shoebox when she was a little girl.   Today, Vicky rents space at the Hanover Arts and Activities Center where she is currently working on a massive dollhouse with an incredible story.

“The Julianna” dollhouse is 3 stories tall with 21 rooms and 65 windows and doors.  The dollhouse, belonging to a family, is named after their daughter who unexpectedly passed away before it was completed.  The daughter designed it and her father built it, but never finished it.  The unfinished dollhouse sat in their garage for years, until they found out about Vicky Bickel.

“They asked me to finish the house,” and she has been working on it diligently since then at the Center—a great space for artists to work, according to Vicky.  By accident, she found what she believes was Julie’s inspiration for the dollhouse on the internet.  Similar to the old Victorian homes in Ashland, “The Julianna” is lovely and personable, yet challenging.  Vicky’s goal is to finish it by the spring of 2019 in time for a big show called “Artprize” in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   The owners and Vicky are hoping to get “The Julianna” into the show just for the fun of it!

If you are interested in dollhouses, a great local resource is Lilliput’s Dollhouse Shop.   Vicky, the COTU is proud to claim you as one of their own!