Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Young

It is easy to talk to Ashland artist Jennifer Young–she is down-to-earth, relaxed and friendly.  What you might not know is that she loves the challenge of painting in nature, also known as “en plain air.”  Her latest exhibit, “A Maine Experience,” was the result of a 2-week adventure in Maine.  As a guest artist, Jennifer enjoyed exploring the beautiful residential town of Vinal Haven along the water.  On a typical day, she would start early by hiking through wildflowers to the rocky coast with her easel and oil paints, then start painting through the morning hours.  Jennifer has painted many landscapes throughout her career, but she says, “Painting water is a new and interesting element for me, the tides change, the light changes.”

Jennifer recently gave a talk at Gallery Flux about her experience in Maine and was delighted when a young couple popped in to listen to her talk.   They were drawn to Jennifer’s painting of “Brown’s Headlight,” the lighthouse at the end of the island.  It turns out, Brown’s Headlight is where Hill recently proposed to his fiancé, Susie.  Hill’s parents, local Ashlanders Hill and Diana Carter, bought the painting as a engagement gift a few days later.  You can’t make this stuff up.

“A Maine Experience” has been on display at Gallery Flux since early September.  A new exhibit by Christopher S. Phillips is rotating in for October, but there will still be several of Jennifer’s pieces from Maine on display at the Gallery.   You can also view her online gallery, where you can view her vibrant landscape oil paintings of the American south and of various scenes throughout Europe.

“Ultimately it is my sincere hope that through my work I can inspire a renewed appreciation for art of the landscape and for Nature herself, as well as a desire to preserve the landscape for future generations.” – Jennifer Young

Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your immense gifts with the Center of the Universe!