TOP WEEKEND EVENTS–  So many wonderful things happening this week AND Monday too.  Join the Community Choir on Thursday – 7:30pm at Shiloh Baptist Church.  The 4th Annual Untold Stories takes place Sunday Feb 26th at 4pm at Duncan Memorial Church. You don’t want to miss it!   Enjoy all these Top Weekend Events:

Feb 23 Thurs  7:30pm Shiloh Baptist Church – 1st Practice for the Ashland Community Gospel Choir in Preparation for UNTOLD STORIES program
Shiloh Baptist Church  (106 S. James St)

Feb 24 Fri 5:30-8pm Wine Tasting at the Caboose Market Cafe
Caboose Market Cafe (108 S. Railroad Ave)

Feb 25 Sat  8pm Contemporary Singer Songwriter-  Tret Fure at The Mainline
Ashland Coffee & Sea – 100 N. Railroad Ave.

Feb 25 Sat 10am-4pm Own A Piece of History – Ashland Theater Seat Sale
Ashland Theater(205 England St)

Feb 26 Sun 4pm Untold Stories- Theme:  The 1960’s  (Panel of 6 people share Black White Experiences  followed by wonderful Gospel Music) Duncan Memorial (201 Henry St)

Feb 26 Sun 3pm  Mid-Atlantic Wind Symphony
Randolph-Macon Blackwell Auditorium  (205 Henry St)
Randolph-Macon College

Feb 27 Mon 9am-5pm  Best of Study Abroad Photo Exhibition – show runs til May 5th
Randolph-Macon McGraw-Page Library  (305 Henry St)
Randolph-Macon College

Feb 27 Mon 7pm Chasing the Dragon Documentary & Discussion
First Baptist Church- Ellis Hall  (800 Thompson St)
Hanover Cares Coalition 

Ashland, VA is a great place to beat the Winter Blues!


Ashland residents take over the town’s Instagram page

WRIC VIDEO LINK TEXT: By Kristin Smith Published: February 21, 2017, 6:26 pm Updated: February 21, 2017, 6:26 pm ASHLAND, Va. (WRIC) — Ashland is getting a boost on social media from the people who know it best, its residents. Members of the community have taken over the town’s Instagram account. But it’s not a hostile hijacking: Ashland town officials want it that way. “The idea is to give citizens a view of Ashland from any citizen or resident who’s interested in basically publishing what its like to live in Ashland from their point of view,” explains Ashland Management Analyst Joe Collins. Countless people have signed up for the opportunity to host and post their favorite Ashland shots on the iloveashlandva Instagram account. Julia Kinder is one of them. Last week, the Randolph-Macon sophomore posted pics from campus along with photos of her favorite town hangouts. “I loved it,” says Kinder, “I thought it was a great idea because it shows the perspectives of just everyday people and just the different types of people that live in the town. And I just enjoyed getting to know the community in a personal way like that.” By enabling people like Kinder to [...]

Washington Post Article on December 22, 2016

Washington Post article "Ashland’s gift to train travelers: a holiday light spectacular along the tracks" By Andrea Sachs December 22, 2016  TEXT: Five nights before Christmas, Mary Hayden Stehle is so deep into her Kindle jigsaw-puzzle game, she barely registers the racket of the train as it hurtles southward from Washington. Across the aisle, her brother, Will, sits on his grandfather’s lap, playing Minecraft. Neither child notices the dark forest outside, one seemingly filled with Wild Things. But then, just beyond the woods, lights start to appear like fallen constellations. The youngsters set down their gadgets and drift over to the window. “See the candy canes?” asks their mother, Michele Stehle. The Northeast Regional pulls into the Ashland, Va., station, in the bull’s-eye center of town, and the Amtrak train becomes an insurmountable median on Railroad Avenue. Boarding passengers are privy to only one half of town (the section with the depot draped in white lights). Travelers already on board, however, can delight in the holiday display illuminating both sides of the iron rails. “Oh, look! There’s a train made out of trash cans,” says Michele, pointing at a metal sculpture decorated with fir trimmings and ornaments designed by schoolchildren. The [...]

Ashland’s Magic Mile – Ch 6

Check out Mark Holmberg's report on "Ashland's Magic Mile!" TEXT: ASHLAND, Va. -- Long before Ashland became known as "the center of the universe," it has been proud of being a quaint, picture-postcard railroad town. "We would feel like our heart stopped beating if (the trains) didn't come through," said Ashland resident and writer, Phyllis Theroux. That would be 62 of them a day, freighters and passenger trains. Rail fans flock there from far and wide to lovingly snap photos and shoot videos. A year ago this close-knit and quite proud community decided to add holiday lights to their rail show - a mile-long "seasonal gift for all these thousands of people" rolling through their town, said Dan Bartges, a board member of the Ashland Main Street Association. Any cool idea in this increasingly hip little destination and residential town is immediately embraced, said town council member Kathy Abbott. And so businesses and homeowners along this mile of lights jumped right in. For the second year now, a nearby nursery donated a big Christmas tree. The garden club got busy. And up, up, up went the holiday lights, window candles, wreaths and bows. And no, don't expect eye-frying "Tacky Tour" light [...]

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